Lambeth Council Invested in SGCH

With Lambeth Council finalising the Community Asset Transfer and directing £1 million to the charity Slade Gardens Community Play Association (SGCPA), we are moving forward in trying to secure the remaining funding required to complete this inspiring community-led project.














The resolution of the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) process means that Lambeth will handover the Slade Gardens Adventure Playground site to the SGCPA on a 99-year lease from 2019, ultimately giving this beloved asset back to its community. Unlike several other council-run Adventure Playground’s which have been closed in previous years, by having charitable control, the SGCPA can ensure its future livelihood with a new community hub at the heart of the site that provides benefits to all of its diverse community members.

Controversially, Community Asset Transfer (CAT) looks to be the only way of maintaining and preserving social or community local authority assets in the future. This will be the first successful CAT in Lambeth under the new guidelines, and we are very pleased to be at the vanguard of this movement towards community ownership.

Alongside the SGCPA and Lambeth Council, MAX Architects and all of the professional consultants and community stakeholder are thrilled to continue to move this project forward in 2020.

To read the full article on Lambeth Council’s website please click here.