Project Type: Commercial

25 Wilton Road

The existing concrete structure is retained, but bold new articulated facades transform the building’s relationship with its strategic location. It appears to subtly transform as one moves around it, revealing a depth of facade through striking cobalt-blue folds. The ‘fanned’ bays, along with the infill of the existing atria, considerably increase the lettable area and…

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Khalifa Bridge Marina

The site’s location plays a pivotal role as a stepping stone between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The proposal maximises spectacular views out across the water to Saadiyat Island and the new cultural institutions while providing 400 marine berths, a community centre and significant food and beverage and retail space. The proposed marina basin is defined…

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Sungang Qingshuihe

Our vision was focused around a retail, consumer and commercial core, but introduced significant elements of cultural, educational, transport and public amenity uses, to create a vibrant mixed use city quarter with homes for up to 100,000 people. Sungang means ‘Bamboo shoot hill’ and Qingshuihe, ‘Clear river water’. Together with the site’s extraordinary topography, these…

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