Max Titchmarsh Speaking at MIPIM UK

MAX Architects Founder and Director Max Titchmarsh was delighted to share his views on ‘How to Become a Game Changer in Real Estate’ during a design thinking workshop at this year’s MIPIM UK on 18 October. Max discussed his studio’s approach to an innovation and pragmatism, with emphasis on the following critical points:

“Innovation, (all too often reduced to stylistic innovation), is the hallmark of ‘designers’, pragmatism the mantle of ‘executors’. Executors don’t innovate and designers aren’t pragmatic.”

“Our best ideas and innovations frequently stem from a very pragmatic approach to understanding the development drivers which shape our projects. We make it our business to understand the economic, environmental, political and social constraints which shape and often inhibit good development. Rather than always using the design process to mitigate these constraints through a reductive process of honing, systemising and fine tuning, we are constantly seeking additive ways of turning constraints into direct opportunities through innovation.”